Best 40 Inch Led Tvs In India 2017

Many people like entertainment big size. And what better source could there be than a large screen Television which can give you a theater-like experience. A large screen ensures a king size entertainment.

Best 40-inch Led Tvs In India 2017

Micromax 40C3420MHD Full HD 40-inch TV

Micromax 40C3420MHD

This is a 40-inch TV from Micromax having a brilliant picture quality. Its unique Audio Visual Entertainment Architecture and Zero Bright Dots technology provide an ultimate TV watching experience. It offers a dynamic contrast ratio of 5000:1, which makes every possible detail visible on the screen.

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Philips 40PFL5059/V7 101.6 cm (40 inches)

Philips 40PFL5059

Philips 40PFL5059 has a 240Hz Perfect Motion Rate feature which enables it to create motion sharpness and hence produces sharper video quality. It has a widescreen resolution of 1920 X 1080p which produces an excellent picture quality.

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Micromax 40B5000FHD 40-inch Led Tv

Micromax 40B5000FHD

With this 40-inch TV, you can get the best graphics with the Zero Dots LED Panel along with brilliant surround sound with the SRS sound system. You can easily view movies and videos by connecting your device via HDMI or USB ports.

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Samsung Series-6 J6300 101.6 cm (40 inches)

Samsung Series 6 J6300

It is a Smart TV uniquely designed to be compatible with the most of the entertainment systems and provide you the best of everything. It offers realistic viewing with its automatic depth enhancement technology. Its curved screen enables you to view flicks as if you are right in the middle of the action.

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Vu 102cm (40-inch) Full HD LED TV

Vu 102cm 40

This is an excellent 40-inch TV from Vu, considering its price. It can also work as a PC monitor by connecting it via its HDMI or VGA ports. You can also connect your USB device and play almost everything.

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Sony 101.6cm (40-inch) Full HD Smart LED TV

Sony 101.6

This is probably the best and the costliest one in the list that offers almost everything that an excellent Smart TV can offer. It has built-in woofers, which can provide a home theater like experience. It also has the Wi-Fi Direct feature.

Micromax Led Tvs are one of the best sellers under 40-inch led Tv Range becuase of their cheap prices and high quality.

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