Best Basic Mobile Phones In India 2017 – Under 1000 -2000

There are many phones to choose from in India; with so many different brands and models on the market, it can be hard to find a simple, good value phone that won’t let you down. We have identified the four best value-for-money basic phones available in India and narrowed it down to the following list:

Top Rated Basic Phones In India 

Micromax X1800 (Under 1000)

Micromax x1800

One of the cheapest basic phone on the market, the Micromax X1800 is a highly durable phone with good music and video functions. With up to 4gb expandable memory, the Micromax X1800 can store music, videos and many other files easily.

The sound quality and volume of the Micromax X1800 is surprisingly good for a phone of this price range, coupled with decent multimedia functions such as a camera, an FM radio and a music and video player.

The 0.08-megapixel camera takes simple and decent snaps, which can be viewed with clarity on the screen (which has a resolution of 128 x 160 pixels and 262K colour support).

The Dual sim capacity means that you’ll rarely lose signal, and coupled with a bright torch and high durability, the Micromax X1800 is a good, hardy phone for travelling, working or outdoor activities.

If you are looking for a cheap and best phone under 1000 in india 2017 then this is a good choice.

Spec For Micromax X1800 Details
Brand Micromax
Model X1800
Display Size 1.77-inch
Storage (up to 4GB)
Battery 750mAH lithium-ion battery
Camera 0.08MP primary camera
Weight 109 g
Warranty 1 Year Manufacturer Warranty For Device

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Nokia 130 Dual SIM Red (Under 3000)

Nokia 130 Red

The Nokia 130 Dual SIM Red is a cheap and cheerful basic phone with a great battery life in India. As this phone was developed after Microsoft took over Nokia, the phone has features that harness both Microsoft’s impeccable software engineering, and applies it using tried and trusted Nokia technology; this means that it has excellent multimedia functions, including an easy-to-use music and video player, FM Radio and GPS, coupled with a surprisingly loud volume capacity.

The signal reception is strong, and coupling this with its extensive battery life and dual sim card capacity make the Nokia 130 a great basic phone to use whilst travelling, or as a backup for a smartphone. The design is lightweight -weighing only 68g- and is highly durable.

Spec For Nokia 130 Dual SIM Red Details
Brand Nokia
Model 130
Display Size 1.8-inch
Storage Expandable (up to 32GB )
Battery 1020 Lithium Ion
Camera _____
Weight 68 g
Warranty 1 Year Manufacturer Warranty For Device

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Samsung Guru Music 2 SM-B310E (Under 2000)

Samsung guru basic phone

The Samsung Guru Music is a cheap basic phone with exceptional speaker quality and a headphone jack that supports standard headphones, making it the perfect phone for listening to music. With up to 16gb expandable memory, you can store all of your music on it easily, and listen to it constantly without worrying too much about battery life (which lasts between 4-7 days and up to 11 hours continuous talk time).

With dual sim capacity, the Samsung Guru Music 2 SM-B310E won’t leave you stranded without signal. With a 1-year manufacturer’s warranty and weighing 190g, this is a heavy duty phone made from strong materials, meaning you can be safe in the knowledge that your phone is sturdy, reliable and will not wear out.

The Samsung Guru Music 2 SM-B310E comes with a large 5.1cm screen with 128 x 160-pixel resolution, providing great screen resolution and clarity.

Spec For Samsung Guru Music 2 SM-B310E Details
Brand Samsung
Model SM-B310E
Display Size 2-Inch
Storage Expandable (up to 16GB )
Battery 800mAH lithium-ion
Camera _____
Weight 200 g
Warranty 1 Year Manufacturer Warranty For Device

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Nokia 130 Dual SIM Black (Under 2000)

Nokia 130 Black

A Nokia basic mobile phone which boasts both dependability and affordability, the Nokia 130 Dual SIM Black is a great choice for those looking for a simple, good value for money phone. Known for its outstanding battery life, the Nokia 130 Dual SIM Black is a phone that won’t let you down when you need it. Lightweight and with excellent specs, the Nokia 130 Dual Sim Black is great for use as an everyday phone, or a backup.

The screen is 4.57cm long, with an LCD display to provide clear and detailed images. With a micro SD card slot, you can store up to 32gb worth of pictures and videos; coupling this with a battery that can play 16 hours’ worth of video from a single charge, makes it an excellent choice for music and video enthusiasts.

Spec For Nokia 130 Dual SIM Black Details
Brand Nokia
Model 130
Display Size 1.8-inch
Storage Expandable (up to 32GB )
Battery 1020mAH lithium-ion
Camera _____
Weight 68 g
Warranty 1 Year Manufacturer Warranty For Device

These are best rated and affordable basic mobile phones in India 2016. You can also check our best mobiles under 1500 guide.

What To Look While Shopping Basic Phone In India

Smartphones are ruling the world right now but this hasn’t diminished the importance and utility of basic mobile phones. Though they only provide limited functionalities but they still find buyers because of their affordable price and long battery life. Basic mobile phones have a market of their own and still find competition amongst the top brands.

The main purpose of a basic phone is to enable normal calling and messaging features. People don’t buy such phones with any intentions of playing games or surfing the web. You can easily get the best basic phone within Rs 2000 price range. Let’s take a look at the mandatory features that you should consider before buying a basic handset in India.

Screen Size/Display

Unlike most of the smartphones, basic phones are not attributed by huge screens and enhanced displays. They do have an overall size of 4-5 inches but the screens are generally small and compact. There is no HD or full HD display but just the basic WVGA or TFT screens with average to low sharpness. Having such type of screens ensure decent visibility and also attribute to the fact that their batteries long laster than smartphones. Most basic phones have 2.4 inch to 2.8-inch screen size. For elders especially, it is recommended to buy a phone with the bigger display to improve readability for them.

Sim Slots

Today most mobiles, smartphone or basic handset, come with dual sim support. Dual sim mobiles allow users to use 2 different sims at the same time. But not all mobiles allow the option of having the dual stand-by. Both the sims support all the GSM bands along with all the leading telecom operators. Different users use this scheme in different ways. Some use one sim for work and other for personal contacts. Another style of using this scheme is to employ one sim for calls and use the other one for internet.


Basic phones are usually spotted with a keypad in their design. Such phones are usually accompanied by an alpha numeric keypad but a few have a qwerty keypad as well. Keypad ensures speed for typing and dialing purpose. Along with numbers and letters, these keypads have additional buttons with dedicated use. Generally, the extra keys are used to call, reject, select menu and to go back to the previous menu. There can be one more button which can be a shortcut to any one of the feature of the phone. It can be used to play music or click pictures or to switch on the flashlight.


Each phone needs memory for storing files and folders. The internal memory is generally used to store system-related files and is left with little space to store other files. Basic phones do not have the processor to handle large files but still support up to 32GB of expandable storage. This is achieved by using an external microSD card. It will be wise to choose phones that do support external storage because, although you will not need much storage, but a filled internal can cause lags and affect the performance of the device.


Basic phones have a decent camera setup which ranges between 1MP to 3MP resolution. You obviously do not expect a lot of features like manual settings, HDR mode or Panorama option. But they are good enough to click clear pictures for you. Cameras are not really the main criteria behind buying a basic phone but they still are capable of clicking good photos for regular use. Also, there is no setup to support front shooters and hence these phones mostly have only one primary camera for use.


Probably the most important feature in the basic phone is its battery life. The battery of any basic should easily last a day or two and will need less time to charge as well. Their batteries can be conveniently removed and replaced if you are not satisfied with its performance. Even extensive usage should ensure that your battery sees the day without asking to be charged in between. After all, basic phones have limited features and hence the overall power consumption should also be low and limited.

Connectivity and Apps

The main use of a basic phone is to make calls and send messages. This can be achieved by the basic 2G connectivity itself. These phones generally do not support 3G and 4G connectivity. Other features include Bluetooth, FM Radio and Loudspeaker. You get a few regular apps like an alarm clock and calculator pre-installed on the device. They also support a few audio and video formats and hence allow you to enjoy some entertainment on the phone. In terms of internet, a few phones are enabled with browser and java settings that will enable you to browse and search the web when required.


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