Best Inverter For Home In India

Looking for the best inverter for home? An inverter is capable of changing direct current into alternating current. Solar panels and batteries use direct current, and inverter makes it possible for you provide household devices with power. This is especially important in the event of a power outage, which is when you may be most likely to use an inverter.

Ultimately an inverter is made to provide you with protection. It is great security for emergencies or in the case that you end up in need of electricity during a power outage. Whatever the situation, it’s better to have an inverter when it is needed. Here are some great inverter brands in India.

5 Best Inverter For Home In India 2017

Luminous Zelio 1100UPS – Under 10000

Luminous Zelio 1100

This particular inverter will protect your home from a range of different issues. It can assist you when it comes to short-circuit, deep discharge, overload, input mains protection, and reverse polarity. In the case of a power failure, it will give you grid supply. The inverter has a range of different advanced features which make it all the better for its value. If you are looking for a reliable power backup solution this is Inverter that you can buy under 10000 in India. The power backup displays the time in hours and minutes. It can be used to run the washing machine, refrigerator, fans, bulbs, lights, or more

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Luminous Zelio 1700 Sine Wave

Luminous Zelio 1700

This Home UPS has intelligent features and is one of the top inverters in India. It has Power back up time display which shows you the time in hours and minutes. Aside from this, it also features water travel maintenance that is Hassle Free. There is MCB protection and it also has a Bypass Switch. This switch ensures that output is still being supplied from Grid regardless of whether or not there are inverter faults.

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Exide 850VA Pure Sinewave Home UPS Inverter

This digital signal processor based UPS is a microprocessor that is high speed. It’s made for grid quality power. It has an LCD display that lets you know about the charge and battery voltage and more. It has an Auto Sense Intelligent Control which automatically senses the battery condition. It even adjusts the charging current as needed. The Inverter has an Electrolyte Leen Sensor indicator.

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APC Home UPS 850VA Sine Wave BI850SINE

APC Home UPS 850VA

There is no need for interruption when using this UPS. Whether you are working or doing something else of importance, even just talking to friends or playing, this UPS will ensure that you always have power so you’re always connected. It can make sure that you can save files and safely shut things down. There are special plug holes right in the UPS that will help you. It has an output capacity of 500Watts. It is lightweight and available under 10000 in India.

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Exide 850va Home ups + Exide 150AH Battery – NO Maintenance

Exide 850va Home ups

This digital signal processor has an LCD display that lets you see charge and battery voltage. It has an electrolyte level sensor indicator that lets you know when the battery water level is low. With the gelled electrolyte has no spillage or topping up. This is the another best inverter in India.

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