Best Mp3 Players Under 5,000 And 2,000 In India

Don’t be deceived, MP3’s are still very much popular, they deliver quality music than any smartphone because that’s the only reason they were made in first place. You can always play music with your smartphone but it is not the same when you are using MP3.

MP3 Players are designed primarily to deliver strictly audio-based entertainment. They also come with FM radios and ability to record audio. You will experience the difference between using an MP3 player to play music and using smartphones when you order for one of the best MP3 player in the market.

No doubt, with so many choices available, many people find it difficult to select the best MP3 to enjoy good music. Well, you don’t have to worry anymore; we always have the interest of our readers in the heart. We decided to do the research after so many requests and we have come up with the best and cheap MP3 players that you can buy under 5,000 rupees and 2,000 rupees accordingly.  See the list below and enjoy

Best MP3 Players Under 5,000 Rupees In India 2017

Apple MKMJ2HN/A 2GB iPod Shuffle


When you hear certain names such as Google, Microsoft, Apple, you know that you are getting a quality product that won’t disappoint. Of course, this is the same with Apple MKMJ2HN/A 2GB iPod Shuffle. It is an MP3 player built to take your music to the next level. It is the fourth generation iPod shuffle, and it is smarter and more beautiful than the previous ones.

What’s great about this Mp3 Player is that it delivers at the highest level. Apple MKMJ2HN/A 2GB iPod Shuffle has 2 GB inbuilt memory and provides up to 15 hours of audio playback. The long battery life means that you will enjoy your music for a really long time before charging it. No doubt, if you want to get a quality MP3 Player under 5,000 rupees, you must seriously consider getting Apple MKMJ2HN/A 2GB iPod Shuffle.

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Sony NWZ-B183F Walkman MP3 Player with Built-in FM Tuner

Sony NWZ B183F Walkman

When it comes to entertainment – audio and video, everybody knows Sony. The company is known to be a heavyweight in the entertainment industry. Ironically, Sony NWZ-B183F MP3 player is a lightweight, wireless, waterproof MP3 player for a sportsperson.

This MP3 player is absolutely fabulous with quality sound. It is very light and has a big standby and playback time. If you enjoy things that are unique, you will definitely enjoy the gold color of this MP3 player, it makes it stand out in a very special way. Amazingly Sony NWZ-B183F has a 4GB storage capacity that allows you to store as many songs as you like very various genres in one compact device.

Additionally, it comes with a direct USB which allows you to easily drag and drop your favorite music from your PC to the MP3 player. You can catch up with the latest happening around India by listening to the FM radio that comes with this device. No doubt, Sony NWZ-B183F is one of the best MP3 players today in India that you can get at really affordable price.

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Transcend MP330 8GB USB MP3 Player

Transcend MP330 8GB USB Mp3 Player

As a journalist, you need a device that will help you easily and quickly record interviews and opinions. You don’t just need any device but the one you can rely on. This is what Transcend has in mind when producing this MP3 Player. It does not only provide quality sound but gives you the ability to record audio very quickly and easily.

Transcend pack so many features that you don’t want to miss. It supports MP#, WMA, FLAC and WMA-DRM10 files. If you love listening to radio, you will enjoy the radio feature of this MP3 with 20 station presents. Additionally, it comes with a built-in microphone and direct-line recording plus voice activity recording. You can save all your favorite songs and recordings with more space left in the 8GB memory of this device. This MP3 player also boasts of USB flash drive capabilities and adjustable sleep timer. You will never run out of power anytime soon as the internal Li-polymer battery offers up to 12 hours of continuous music playback

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FiiO M3 8GB Portable Digital Music Player

FiiO M3 8GB Portable Digital Music Player

FiiO may not be as popular as Apple or Sony in terms of brand name, but they surely know what they are doing when it comes to producing quality MP3 players. Their chic looking MP3 player with a sleek glossy finish is a device that you will be proud to own and the best thing is that it comes at a very affordable price under 5000 rupees. The audio quality of this awesome-looking MP3 device is better than just good and you won’t necessary need to substitute the bundled earphones.

What makes this MP3 stands out are the features it is packing. It comes with hard buttons for quick simple navigation, 8GB internal memory with a Micro SD slot to expand it with up to 64 GB, supports several lossless formats and offers you an incredible 24 hours playback time.

Best MP3 Player Under 2,000 Rupees

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 Philips GoGear Mix 4GB MP3 Player (Under – 2000)

Philips GoGear Mix 4GB

Whenever you are looking for a quality MP3 player with a lot of features but you are a little low on budget, you will need to go for Philips GoGear Mix 4GB MP3 Player. This MP3 Player is an ultraportable device that provides 3-line display.

Despite coming at a very affordable price, Philips GoGear Mix provides superb sound quality and offers a great sound recorder. You can easily save your songs and recordings on the 4GB internal memory and quickly transfer music from your PC to this device using the inbuilt USB that comes with it.

Philips made this MP3 Player using a premium lightweight plastic that resists scratches and minor aberrations. It offers up to 13 hours playback time. If you want the best MP3 player in India under 2,000 rupees, you will definitely enjoy Philips GoGear Mix 4GB MP3 Player.


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