Top 6 Best VR Headsets In India

Virtual reality is taking over the world. In fact, it is believed that in the next few years, more people will come to accept and use virtual reality. Of course, in places like India, virtual reality is already making the serious wave. It is time to think again if you are still undermining the craze for Virtual Reality. The market is growing every day.

Virtual Reality headset is a great way to experience your music and audio on another different level. When we say another different level, we mean this type of headset gives you out-of-the-world experience when you are using it. Nothing beats having your own VR headset, and in this article, you will learn about the best VR headsets in India. We have compiled a list of those that are affordable and come with superior quality. See them below:

Best VR Headsets In India 2017

AuraVR Pro VR Headset with Remote Controller

When you think about entertainment – gaming, videos, or music, this VR headset got them all. The body is made with plastic and headband that straps around your head easily and comfortably. The front of the headset comes with an area to hold your phone. The inner side has a cloth lining in the sponge area to protect your eyes as well as offer you comfort. Additionally, it has a 42mm nano-coated resin lens that offers the pretty good view.

AuraVR Pro VR Headset works with a smartphone with the screen size that is between 3.5-inch and 6-inch. Your phone also needs to run on at least Android 4.1 Jelly Bean or iOS6 to use this VR headset. You will definitely love it, the company has produced other ones in the past that have been a huge success. This one is an upgrade of previous versions.

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My VR INFINITY !! Immersive with 120 degree FOV

If you are a true 3D movie lover or game freak, you will love everything about this VR headset by MR VR INFINITY. It all you need to play supported games and watch 3D movies. It is one of few VR headsets that come with inbuilt touchscreen clicking function for Google Cardboard VR apps. Another feature you will love about this headset is the kind of immersive VR experience it offers.

You can answer calls, and watch your best movies with the large lens with 120 degrees FOV. The headset supports smartphones from 4.5 to 6.2 inches with a maximum width of 83mm.

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Getitpal VR Virtual Reality Headset – 4 to 6 Inch Smartphones – Under 1000

Getitpal VR headset is one of the trending VR headsets in the market today because of its uniqueness and ease of use. This VR headset was inspired by the Google Cardboard Oculus Rift. It is uniquely designed to match your face. Additionally, it comes with a flexible and adjustable headband which means anyone can wear it comfortably.

This VR is perfect for first-time VR headset users because of its affordable price. It supports every smartphone (iOS and Android) with the screen size between 4.0 and 6.0 inches.

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IRUSU MINIVR (White) – Under 2000

The IRUSU MINIVR is the best calibrated VR headset. It comes with very large 42MM HD resin lenses to make your VR experience out-of-this world. Additionally, these lenses have calibration and anti-fogging technology.  The unit comes with a Bluetooth remote and a free magnetic clicker in the pack.

Irusu MiniVR has an ergonomic design which makes it perfect for all type of faces. It is extremely comfortable to wear for long period. This VR headset boasts of better FOV than most of the headsets available in the market today. You will get all the VR apps in one place when you purchase this headset. Check it out now, it is one of the fast selling VR headsets in Amazon.

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PLAYVR – Adjustable lenses

PlayVR is another great VR headset from Irusu. Already, many people in India consider this headset as the best VR headset in India. It comes with advanced technology. If you care so much about electromagnetic radiation, this headset has the capacity to block it so that you can avoid any vision issues. Moreover, the Irusu PlayVR headset is optimized for a lot of Google Cardboard apps.

Irusu allows you to install the “Irusu VR Zone” app on this headset for a better and immersive VR experience. Like most of Irusu headsets, this one also comes with a free magnetic clicker and a Bluetooth remote. You will definitely love this headset.

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VR BOX 2.0 Virtual Reality Glasses – Under 500

VR Box 2.0 has been rated one of the best VR headset and one of the most portable. The first thing you will notice when you get this VR headset is how light it is. It is extremely comfortable to wear and you can easily adjust the strap. It comes with 2 adjustable lenses that allow you to adjust the focus simply by moving a button.

The front cover comes with a slid feature which makes it easy to clean to avoid smudginess. This VR headset supports Android and iOS smartphones with 4.7 to 6.0 inch display screen. This headset is recommended for those making their first steps into VR world and those who are looking for a better alternative to Cardboard in terms of comfort and durability.

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