Expected Samsung Galaxy Note 6 Release Date in India

Samsung is one of the leading cell phone manufacturers in the world today. Their first Samsung Note sold over ten million devices, and then thirty million Note 2s sold in the second year. After the great success of their Samsung Note 4, smart phone users are eagerly anticipating the release of the Samsung Galaxy Note 6. There is much speculation on its new features, but most Samsung lovers will expect the latest smart phone technology to rivals Apple devices. While the Samsung Galaxy 5 has just appeared on the market, we can at best speculate on the great new features that the 6 may have.

Galaxy Note 6

Expected Release Date of the Samsung Galaxy Note 6

Following upon Samsung’s prior fall release dates, it’s believed that the Samsung Galaxy Note 6 will be released in the third quarter of 2016, possibly around September or October as well. This will be perfect timing for the Christmas market later that year.

Exciting New Features of the Samsung Galaxy Note 6

The Samsung Galaxy 6 is expected to be encased within a long sleek and narrow phone, with four sharp corners.

  • A stylus pen will be included, as well as a Wacom tablet digitizer.
  • At least eight gigabtyes of ram is expected to be built into this phone.
  • There will be a foldable display to keep the overall design of the case compact.
  • 30 megapixel primary camera with 16 MP front camera for selfie photos.
  • (16/32/64/128/256) GB Internal Storage.
  • The camera will have all the features that you expect in a smart phone camera: auto focus, optical image stabilization, 3D to 4K resolution. Full color and black and white options.
  • A FK foldable display.
  • Faster charging technology, so when the smart phone runs low it will be quick to recharge, with a battery power of 4500 mAh.
  • A finger print and retina scanner to effectively provide security locking on the phone.
  • (16/32/64/128/256) GB memory.
  • Black or white case options.
  • The Samsung Galaxy Note 6 will run on the latest Android operating system.
  • The screen will be built with 6 inches to 6.2 inches of 4K screen display and at least 800 ppi.
  • The internal Samsung processor will be a Snapdragon Qualcomm octacore 2.9 ghz processor.
  • There will be video recording features at either 2160p @ 30 fps, 1080p @ 60 fps, 720p @ 90 fps.
  • There will be many internal sensors built into the phone. There will be barometer and compass gauges, a heart rate monitor, and a thermometer.
  • The casing on the Samsung Note 6 will be completely dust proof, water resistant, and shock proof.

Expected Price for the Samsung Galaxy Note 6

Expect to be shocked by the price for the Samsung Galaxy Note 6. Prices are expected to be: Rs 76,000 Plus.

Until fall 2016 arrives, we can only speculate on the best features of the Samsung Galaxy Note 6, but we expect it to rival Apple’s and OnePlus’s newest line of smart phones too.

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