iPhone Se Available To Buy at Flipkart and Amazon India

Apple released the iPhone Se to the Indian market via Flipkart and Amazon India as an entry level option to the pricey iPhone market. The new iPhone Se offers the same well-loved design as the iPhone 6S including the A9 advanced chipset. The Se, however, comes with a 4-inch screen rather than the larger 4.5 or 5-inch screens found on higher-priced iPhone models. It features the lowest price of any Apple smartphone, but the iPhone Se does not look, feel or perform like a budget phone. First time iPhone users should find this an appealing option to break into the iPhone brand without breaking the bank, according to business insiders. For people who already use the iPhone 5 or iPhone 5S, the Se should be a real upgrade device, as well.

iPhone SeIn addition to having the same advanced A9 chip as the pricier iPhone 6s models, the SE runs iOS 9 immediately out of the box. It features an easy-to-use interface and in-depth security measures at its foundation. The 64-bit architecture is robust enough for a desktop computer or gaming console and performs with superb speed running games, apps and more with no lag time or difficulty multitasking. Maximum performance is gleaned from every component. The iPhone Se comes with either 16 GB or 64 GB of storage onboard.

The Se provides users with a good-quality 12 MP camera and the capability for shooting 4K videos, Live Photo, and the TrueTone skin tone matching technology. The Retina Display feature gives three times brighter flash for the FaceTime camera. The results are better low light and night time shots, improved ambient lighting skin tones and more natural-looking colours. Live Photo lets users bring still shots alive with both movement and sound, without taking full videos. Upload and store the images to the iCloud Library and keep them up to date on the iPhone Se. Every edit gets automatically updated in each location.

The phone case is made of smooth aluminium with a light, compact feel. Matte-chamfered edges and the colour-matched iPhone logo in stainless steel adds to the upscale appearance. It is available in several colour variants, including Silver, Space Grey, Gold and the coveted new Rose Gold. The Retina display gives added sharpness and depth to colours and images. TouchID lets users lock and unlock the iPhone Se with the touch of a finger. Even Siri, the personal assistant, is easy to activate just by saying “Hey Siri.” Siri is hands-free, ready to assist with sending messages, searching the Internet and more.

Finally, the iPhone Se adds faster LTE and Wi-Fi capabilities to the emerging Indian smartphone market. The Move to iOS app lets users migrate content and apps from Android to iPhone quickly. In short, the iPhone Se may be the best smaller-sized high-end smartphone available in India at this time.

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