Is this The Beginning Of The End For The Tablet?

Sales growth has slowed considerably in the tablet market with sales receding by 12.3 percent over the past year. Experts from the International Data Corporation (IDC) predict that sales will continue to slow down by an additional 11.5 percent during the next twelve months (a record low), and we will see sales falling to 183.4 million units.

This decline is attributed to manufacturers refocussing their products, and customers holding off on purchases. However, the news isn’t entirely bleak! The IDC predict that sales will increase up to 194.2m units in 2020.

Samsung Tab BigAlthough tablet sales are on the decline worldwide the Indian market is still buoyant. Tablet sales were 0.98 million units in the second quarter of 2016; a growth in sales of 14.4 percent when compared to the previous quarter. However, this is still a drop of 5.6 percent over the equivalent period last year.

The main players in the tablet market have all fared differently. According to a report from Strategy Analytics, android manufacturers shipped 30.1 million units globally in the third quarter; a decrease of 17 percent from 36.0 million shipments during the previous year.

Android tablets now constitute a 65 percent share of the market; although this figure has fallen due to the increased popularity of Windows tablets.

Tablets Vendors Highlights:

  • The main players, Apple, Samsung, Lenovo, and Huawei have suffered mixed fortunes.
  • Samsung continues to be the second market leader due to the company offering a wide range of tablets in different sizes and price bands.
  • Apple, the other big player, has seen sales decline by 9 percent, whilst Lenovo continues to flourish in Asia/Pacific, Europe, and the Middle East & Africa (MEA).
  • Lenovo’s success is mainly due to its unique and often esoteric designs.
  • Huawei did not do as well as expected with its new ‘Matebook’, but the company continues to operate successfully in the Asia/Pacific and MEA regions.

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