Best LED TVs Under Rs 20,000 in India

Entertainment is an indispensable part of our lives today. They are more of a medium to relax and detox all the negativity from our minds. Today we have a lot of sources for the same in the form of smartphones, televisions, computers and more. Amongst all the above-mentioned sources, television is by far the most common and widely available entertainment media across the world.

Television sets themselves have been evolving from the old box-type screens to modern curved LCD and LED screens with ultra superior picture quality and Home theater-like sound effects. Though their prices range from a few thousands to many lakhs, here we shall discuss the most affordable ones which can be easily purchased. Here’s a list of the best LED TVs that can be bought under Rs 20000 in India.

LG 32LH564A


LG 80 cm 32-inches

LG Electronics is a widely popular name in home appliances and entertainment business. The company is known for is unprecedented technology entwined with brand value and customer satisfaction. This particular television set from LG boasts of an HD-ready 32-inch screen along with 2 HDMI ports and 1 USB port for connectivity. It employs a LED IPS screen that ensures brilliant picture quality with optimum color distribution. There are special Bollywood and Cricket mode for Indian users which gives them different sound experiences based on their viewing.

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Micromax 32B200HDi

Micromax 32b200hdi

Micromax is a relatively new name in the TV industry but Micromax Mobile phones are already holding a big share in India. It is known for giving high specifications for competitive prices which make it a good choice for many consumers. The model in review is a 32-inch HD-ready television screen with an IPS panel. The company claims to provide a redefined television viewing experience with the help of its Audio Video Entertainment Architecture(AVEA). It consumes less energy and provides a high definition picture experience at an affordable pricing. Its a great buy if you are looking for a good LED TV under Rs 20000.

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Philips 32 PFL3738

Philips 32pfl3738

Philips has always been a reputable brand when it comes to the electronics industry. This model is yet another stamp on its class and reliability and a definite buy as a TV for under 20000. The product uses a 120 Hz Perfect Motion Rate (PMR) for superb motion and sharpness. The model is believed to use the Pixel Plus HD technology for natural details and projection of vivid colors with reduced noise and interference. For better sound quality, it employs 2x8W RMS amplifiers that produce crisp and clear sounds. Additionally, it also allows you to view pictures from external media by providing HDMI and USB ports.

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Panasonic 32D400D

Panasonic 32d400d

Pansonic is not far behind in the competition of providing the best LED TV under 20000. This particular set has a 32-inch IPS screen with a backlight motion rate of about 200Hz. LCDs lose resolution while showing motion but BMR addresses this problem by sequentially turning off backlight during the rendering of image frames. This results in the smoother production of motion and enhanced picture quality. This TV also employs the Dot Noise Reduction Technology that detects and removes noise and ensures satisfying viewing experience. In terms of connectivity, the model supports 1 USB and 1 HDMI connection.

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Samsung FH4003

Samsung 80 cm

Probably the most sought after brand in India, Samsung has always been the trendsetter for many devices and peripherals. As a brand, it never let downs its consumers be it in terms of quality or be it in pricing.  This 32 inches HD Ready LED TV uses the best technology to provide you the most amazing picture experience and sound quality. The use of HyperReal Engine Technology and Clean View’s noise removal processes guarantees the best-in-class television experience for the viewers. A good brand LED TV within 20000 is the best deal you can get from this South Korean electronic giant.


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