Best Lenovo Tablets In India 2017

In recent years, tablets have become extremely popular because of their ease of use, convenience, and mobility. You can think of them as the bridge between your smartphone and your PC. In fact, they are quickly replacing PC. No one wants to carry bulky PC around everywhere when you can easily get the job done with your tablet. Today, there are so many sophisticated tablets that can do virtually everything PC can do and one of the companies that produce such sophisticated tablets is Lenovo.

Lenovo, founded in 1984 in Beijing, has grown to become the world’s top PC maker in 2013. The company entered into the production of smartphones (on Android and Windows platform) in 2011. After acquiring Motorola Mobility from Google in 2014, they have grown to become one of top tablet manufacturers. You can easily see a lot of Lenovo products such as PC, tablets, and smartphones in most households in India.

Lenovo is known for the quality and affordability of their products. Today, we are going to take a look at some of their popular tablets. You will definitely enjoy these Lenovo tablets if you decided to get one of them.

Alright, here are the best Lenovo tablets in India:

Lenovo A7-30 (A3300-HV) 7 Inch Tablet

Lenovo A7 30

Lenovo A7-30 (A3300-HV) Tablet is known in many quarters as the Lenovo’s first generation tablet. You will love everything about this product, from the design to the performance; Lenovo ensured that you will get exactly what you are looking for.

It is made of plastic and comes with a traditional tablet design and a big screen bezel. The dimension of this tablet is 198×119.8mm. Lenovo A7-3o runs on Android Jellybean 4.2.2. The processor is Quad-core MediaTek processor of 1.3 GHz. You also get an 8GB internal memory to store your entire files. The battery of this tablet is 3500mAh which you can use for the whole day without charging the battery. We recommend this product if you are looking for an affordable tablet when you on a shoestring budget. The price is really affordable even for a student.

  • Affordable
  • Strong
  • Camera quality is good
  • Satisfactory design

  • Only supports 2G network

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Lenovo Yoga Tab 3 8 inch Tablet

Lenovo Yoga Tab 3

Lenovo Yoga Tab 3 8 inch Tablet, no doubt, is one of the best Lenovo tablets in India. The design of this tablet is unlike anything you’ve seen before. The company really ensures that this product stands out by giving it a distinct design and some nice features that include voice calling.

Lenovo Yoga Tab 3 8 Tablet is an 8-inch tablet. You will get a huge 16GB internal memory to store all your files. You will also get 8MP front and back camera to capture images and videos.

What I really like most about this tablet is the battery; it comes with 6200mAh Lithium-ion battery that provides talk-time of 20 hours and over 95 hours of standby time. This is the tablet you need if you are looking for a tablet you wouldn’t have to worry about charging constantly.

  • Unique design
  • Long lasting battery
  • Comes with a rotating camera with 180 degree
  • Stereo speakers
  • Comes with a stand attached

  • A bit heavy to hold

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Lenovo Tab 3 730X Tablet – 7 Inch

Lenovo Tab 3 730X

Lenovo Tab 3 730X Tablet is one-of-a-kind tablet that offers multiple users and a kid-safe mode at an affordable price. It comes with 7-inch screen size and traditional tablet design. This tablet runs on Android v6.0 Marshmallow operating system with 1GHz 64-bit MediaTek quad-core processor. Unlike the previous ones in our list, Lenovo Tab 3 730X Tablet boost of 2GB RAM instead of 1 and offers you 16GB internal memory to store your files.

It is one of the first Lenovo tablets to allow dual SIM. The battery is 3450mAh lithium-ion battery. This tablet is really cheap. We recommend getting it if you need a cheap tablet to get some tasks done.

  • Kid’s mode
  • Superb screen touch
  • Dolby sound
  • Solid built
  • Cheap
  • Family-friendly

  • Not fast

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Lenovo A8-50 Tablet

Lenovo A8 50 Tablet

Lenovo A8-50 Tablet is surprisingly a robust device despite coming at a really affordable price. The company released this product hoping to turn that on its head with this 8-inch model that sells for a price of typical 7-inch tablets.

Lenovo A8-50 Tablet runs on Android v5 Lollipop operating system and comes with 1.3Ghz MediaTek MT8735 quad core processor. The RAM is 1GB RAM. However, you will get huge 16GB internal memory for your files and you can expand this up to 32GB with external microSD storage system. It supports dual SIM. Apart from being really affordable, you will be impressed by the features and looks of this tablet.

  • Excellent battery life
  • Good quality display
  • Dual SIM support
  • Good image quality
  • Front-facing speakers

  • Power button is placed oddly

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Lenovo TAB 2 A7-30HC Tablet

Lenovo TAB 2 A7 30HC

Lenovo introduced this tablet with intriguing design and awesome features into the Indian market January 2015. It is made especially for those looking to have a really affordable tablet.

This tablet is for low-end users. It is a 7-inch tablet with IPS 5-point multi-touch capacitive touchscreen with 1024×600 pixels resolution. Lenovo TAB 2 A7-30HC Tablet runs on Android v4.4 KitKat operating system with 1GB RAM. However, you can upgrade it to v5 Lollipop. The processor is 1.3GHz MT8382M MediaTek quad core processor. It also provides 8GB internal memory for your files but expandable up to 32GB with a microSD card. This tablet is support single SIM. The camera is not so good; the primary camera is 2MP while the front-facing camera is 0.3MP. However, you will enjoy it if you are a student looking for a cheap Lenovo tablet in India.

  • Very affordable
  • Stylish and thin design
  • Comes with some apps pre-installed
  • Dolby sound quality

  • Camera quality is poor

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Lenovo Yoga Tab 3 10 inch Tablet

Lenovo Yoga Tab 3 10 Tablet

This is another stylish 10-inch tablet from Lenovo that follows in the footstep of Lenovo Yoga 3 8 Tablet. The design of this laptop will definitely blow your mind and it comes with so many useful features. The camera is 180 degrees rotatable 8-megapixel camera with autofocus.

Lenovo Yoga Tab 3 Tablet runs on Android v5 Lollipop operating system. And just like most of Lenovo’s tablet, this one also comes with 1.3GHz Qualcomm MSM8909 quad-core processor. The RAM is 1GB RAM with 16GB internal memory.

Amazingly, this tablet boost of incredible 8400mAh lithium-battery which makes it perfect for gaming. It also provides talk-time of 18 hours. Without a doubt, this is one of the best Lenovo tablets in India  2017. We definitely recommend getting this product.

  • 180-degree rotatable camera with autofocus
  • Stylish design
  • Dolby sound
  • Sturdy build
  • Large HD screen
  • Crisp and clear audio
  • Superb long lasting battery

  • Requires multiple system updates


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