OnePlus One 64 GB Now Available At Flipkart

The OnePlus One has eagerly been purchased since its launch on Amazon India, and is now available for sale at Flipkart. Most notable about the OnePlus One is its sleek long design, enabling it to have a larger screen. The front of the screen is flat, while the back gently tapers on each side.

The OnePlus One is available in sandstone black, and holds 64 gigabytes of memory, plenty to store all the apps, games, photos, and music that every smart phone user needs.

The OnePlus One has a large 5.5 inch viewable screen. It’s in the same family as the Android Lollipop. It’s built with a quad core processor, 4G LTE, and 3 gigabytes of ram.

One Plus One Sandstone Black

There are some cool features on the OnePlus One that will make the iPhone seem like a gadget of the past. The OnePlus One is built with a Qualcomm Snapdragon 801 processor that has a 2.5 gigahertz quad-core chipset. This phone has a lot of memory, which is a requirement with today’s memory-hog apps and documents. It has 3 gigabytes DDR3 ram and 6 gigabytes of flash memory. The phone is rechargeable with the 3100 mAh Lipo battery.

Smart phones are expected to have pro-quality cameras, and the OnePlus One does not disappoint in that regard. This phone has a 13 MP Sony camera with a dual flash feature. Photo quality is 1080 pm at 30 fps.

The view screen is touchable, and is made with the Gorilla glass brand. The screen is high definition, with 1080 pixels by 1920 pixels resolution. the touch screen was made by JDI, and utilizes technology by LTPS.

The OnePlus One will connect with everything it needs to, including LTE, Bluetooth, GPRS, NFC, and WiFi.

This Android Lollipop uses Cyanogen OS 12 and Oxygen OS.

The OnePlus One is perfect for apps that are performance-heavy, without worrying about them being closed or crashing. It’ll store plenty of photos, videos, books, and documents, to have at your fingertips at a moment’s notice. It’ll enable you to do effective multi-tasking.

The Phone is backed up by a manufacturer’s one year warranty, to protect against defects. The additional accessories included in the box have a six month warranty.

You may purchase additional accessories for your smart phone such as mobile cases and covers, and mobile screen guards at Flipkart.

OnePlus is a company located in China, and was cofounded by Pete Lau. Lau used to be Oppo’s vice president. The OnePlus One initially entered the market on April 2014.

Flipkart is an online megastore located in India. It competes with other popular e-commerce sites, but at Flipkart, they promise “Every wish will be fulfilled!”. Find the OnePlus One on Flipkart for Rs. 22,499 now.

The OnePlus One is an exciting new smart phone device that will have users wondering how Android will be able to outdo itself with next year’s model.

OnePlus One 64 GB Now Available At Flipkart
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