OnePlus Three Release Date in India

With the great success of the OnePlus 1 and 2 comes eager anticipation for the OnePlus Three. OnePlus has stood out for its budget marketing campaigns and a product that they’ve priced much lower than other manufacturers, yet with all the fabulous features that you come to expect from the latest smart phone technology.

One Plus Three

OnePlus has also limited the production of this device, making its use a part of an elite club of smart phone users. Sales were limited to only stores and online shops. Their clever marketing ploys also encompassed an “invite only” tactic, which not only allowed them to control the production but their target market as well. Since not everyone could own a OnePlus phone, it was a marketing tool that the company benefited from, and at a low marketing budget, as excited potential phone buyers were flooding Facebook asking for invites.

Users of current OnePlus 1 and 2 phones are eagerly awaiting news of when the release date will be in India, and what possible features it could have.

Best Features of the OnePlus Three

Until the phone has been released, we can only speculate as to the features. But there have been many slips of information, so likely the new phone will encompass this cool technology, and more.

  • Finger print sensor technology is expected with this version of the One Plus Three. This will enable users to unlock the security features on their phones much faster, and more accurately.
  • The retina sensor will allow the user to unlock features of the phone through the scanning of the user’s eye, to make the phone and user data more secure.
  • In competing with the health watches on the market today, the phone will also have a heart beat sensor that can detect any abnormalities and alert the user.
  • A projection lamp will allow the user to project photographs, slides, and videos onto a surface of the wall, eliminating the need for a bulky projector.
  • 25 MP depth sensor camera. This camera will feature exceptional clarity and resolution never before available in a smart phone device. The phone will be able to discern exposure in close and far off objects within the same shot. Video footage will be crisp and clear.
  • There is speculation that there may even be a 3D camera feature included on this phone that will take amazing 3D images at all angles.
  • 4 gigabytes of ram is expected.

Expected Release Date of the OnePlus Three in India

The OnePlus 3 is expected to be released to the Indian market in July 2016. This coincides with other countries such as China, Europe, and the USA, so unfortunately there won’t be any spoilers in advance.

The OnePlus 3 is expected to cost around 26,500 Rs in India, though OnePlus is hesitant to commit to their potential July 2016 release date. OnePlus is striving to allow you to do all your computing tasks within a compact device, while being able to leave your computer at home.

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