OnePlus X Review And Price In India 2016

The OnePlus X was created for midrange smart phone buyers who want a high-performing cell phone, but who don’t want to pay a lot of cash for the privilege of a OnePlus Three. The X is built into a long sleek black rectangular case that is not only attractive, but runs well too. Around the case is a tough metal frame, with several etched indentations for design, making it easy to hold in the hand. Each side of the case has a hard black glass panel that is called “Onxy Black”. If you’re one of those people who enjoys something different than what everyone else has, there are also 10,000 phones that are built with a ceramic back collector’s edition. It takes about twenty-five days to make just one of these ceramic backed phones.


Oneplus X Review

Cool Features of the OnePlus X

There are some great features built into the OnePlus X. The display screen

is five inches long, and utilizes the latest LED screen technology. A Snapdragon 801 processor is what makes Android phones faster, and it also has three gigabytes of ram. The S801 chip may not be the newest, but it’ll still give other eight core smart phone manufacturers a reason for competition.

You’ll enjoy giving the thirteen megapixel camera a try. It has some nifty technology, including automatic focussing, and a great front facing eight megapixel selfie shooting camera too.

More Great Features of the OnePlus X

There are many other great features of the OnePlus X that promise to impress the smart phone user who is looking for an affordable phone.

  • Both sides of the smart phone are made with Corning Gorilla glass which is extremely tough and durable.
  • The camera comes with an LED flash so that you can capture some great indoor photographs.
  • The operating system is Oxygen 2.1 OS and is based on the Android 5.1.1 Lollipop technology.
  • There’s plenty of storage capacity on the OnePlus X with sixteen gigabytes to fill up.
  • The phone can be connected to everything that you’d expect in the latest cell phone: Bluetooth and Wifi.
  • GPS and FM radio features extend the functionality of your phone.
  • The phone comes with headphones that include a built-in microphone
  • The rechargeable battery is is non-removable, so when it dies, you’ll need to buy a new phone.
  • At only 138 grams, your X is lightweight.

Price and Release Date for the OnePlus X

The OnePlus X remains affordable for most cell phone users. Priced at Rs 16,999, it is a better deal than the high price offered for the OnePlus One.

Inside the box you’ll receive a OnePlus X smart phone, a USB cable and charger plug to get it charged up, and a SIM card tool. The OnePlus X is for smart phone users who expect a premium smart phone, but who don’t need all the bells and whistles such as the retina or fingerprint technology that the OnePlus Three has.


OnePlus X Review And Price In India 2016
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