Redmi Note Prime Price In India (Now on Sale at Amazon)

Xiaomi, one of China’s finest technology companies, has just released the Redmi Note Prime in December of 2015 exclusively in India. This sleek smartphone has a market retail price of ₹8,999.00 (approximately $135.70 USD) and is currently selling on Amazon for ₹8,499.00, a total savings of ₹500.00. This is inclusive of all taxes, and Amazon also offers free shipping in India for this particular product.

Redmi Note Prime Amazon

The Redmi Note Prime has a lot of top-of-the-line features that make it a big contender for other Android and Apple devices.

  • Android Operating System – The Redmi Note Prime comes with the latest MIUI v7 Android operating system that includes an impressive 2GB RAM, 16 to 32 GB internal memory, and 4G LTE capabilities, making its overall speed one of the fastest available when combined with its quad core processor.
  • Rear/Front-facing Camera – If stunning high definition is what you’re looking for, the Redmi Note Prime certainly delivers. The main camera has 13 mega-pixel picture quality, while the front-facing camera is 5 mega-pixels. The phone’s display is larger than most due to its “Note” design (almost the size of a small tablet) and measures in at nearly 14 centimeters with a 1280 x 720 HD resolution.
  • Extended Battery Life – Long-lasting is an understatement for the Redmi Note Prime. The device has a lithium-polymer battery that has up to 38 hours of talk time and 775 hours of standby time. Internet browsing can last up to 14 straight hours. Lithium-polymer batteries are generally safer than other battery designs due to their flexible material and/or casing.
  • Top Notch Design – Aside from the clarity of the Redmi Note Prime’s screen display, the phone itself has a slim design that makes it an elegant and tasteful purchase. The phone’s density is only 0.9 centimeters. Although this doesn’t surpass devices like the iPad Air or upcoming Samsung A8, its sturdier design gives it longer life and more resistance to breakage. It’s currently only available in white, but more colors are likely to appear on the market down the road.
  • Dual-Microphone Noise Suppression – Nothing is more annoying than being on a phone call and being drowned out by the sounds around you. As busy as India is with its highly-trafficked metro areas, the dual-microphone noise suppression system on the Redmi Note Prime cancels out all other noises except for your voice.
  • Personalization – The Redmi Note Prime lets you customize anything from themes and backgrounds to the Android operating system itself. Four themes come standard with the device, and more can be purchased using the Theme Store.
Redmi Note Prime

This sleek smartphone has a market retail price of ₹8,999.00 (approximately $135.70 USD) and is currently selling on Amazon for ₹8,499.00.

8,499.00 8,999.00

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