Samsung Galaxy J7-6 Launched In India For Rs 15,990

The Samsung Galaxy J7 2016 New Edition offers a lot of advantages, such as great camera performance, a long battery life, and high performance. All of these values make it a good choice when searching for a new phone.

With the Android Marshmallow OS the phone features a smooth and speedy user interface. The J7 is Bluetooth 4.1- and WiFi-enabled, and it is also a dual-SIM device. DLNA connectivity is supported on the phone. This lets you connect your printer, laptop, or TV with the phone. One-tap file sharing is possible with NFC.


The device is made so that games and applications can load fast. It also ensures efficient multi-tasking and reliable and fast 4G experience. A 1.6 GHz Octa Core processor powers the device, and it creates a continuous powerful performance. With 16 GB of internal memory and a 2GB RAM the J7 has quite a bit of room for storing pictures, video files, games, music, and other apps. If you run out of room in the device there is even an expandable memory option. This gives you another 128 GB of space by way of a microSD card.

One single charge will let you talk for 23 hours on this 3300 mAh battery. It can even be removed and charged. Obviously this is a pretty good battery life for a smartphone. It is easy to look for movies or TV shows and then watch them with crystal clarity, because the device has the Super AMOLED 13.90-cm HD display with 1280×720 resolution. This allows for deepcontrasts and vivid color reproduction.

The J7 is equipped with a 5MP front camera and a 13 MP primary camera. They can function sufficiently in low-light conditions and you also have the option of choosing an Advanced Mode Feature. This feature allows for a more enhanced imaging experience. Both cameras contain an LED flash, but the primary camera also has the AF feature. Full HD video recording is supported with the J7.

Aside from this the phone has other features, including the S Bike Mode. This informs the caller that you are on a bike ride with a prerecorded message so that you can enjoy your ride without interruption. The Motion Lock feature keeps you safe if you need to take the call. Once you have safely stopped your bike you can then answer the phone call, but not while you are riding.

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